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The GIFT Foundation: Patrons

Since the launching of The GIFT Foundation, there have been numerous organizations and people who have helped its cause from USA, India, UK, Australia and other countries. The Tamil Nadu Foundation USA and its Chennai Chapter were the first to approve the project and provide support. There are many individuals who have donated to the infrastructure/facilities development, sponsored scholarships, funded projects and offered their valuable time.

A donor is honored as a patron when they make a significant contribution to the foundation's development. While many donors contribute to the general development fund, others prefer to conribute to a specific purpose, such as scholarships or projects.

Here is a list patrons who have made a major contributions to the general development and spanning multiple projects. Scholarship sponsors, project sponsors as well as patrons specific to a GIFT instituton are listed under the instituion specific pages.
  1. Tm. Bagyam & Tr. Kasi Goundan, USA: Tr. Kasi Goundan, a GIFT Trustee, and his family are major contributors towards all aspects of the Trust's objectives and developmnet initiatives, including infrastructure and facilities, KandappaKaasi Computer Lab (at APPU), AGN CRS and scholarships.

  2. Tm. Gunasundari & Tr. R. Chellappan, Swelect Energy Systems, Chennai: Tr. R. Chellappan, a GIFT Trustee, and his family are major contributors towards fulfillment of Trust's objectives and development initiatives, including Raaci Campus construction, Swelect Computer Lab (Formerly Numeric Computer Lab), UPS infrastructure, Gunasundari-Chellappan Young Scientist Club (GCYSC), AGN CRS and Merit Scholarships.

  3. Tm. Kalpana & Tr. Rajen Jaswa, USA : Made a large grant to set up the first computer center 'Rajen and Kalpana Jaswa Centre for Advanced Learning and Computer Literacy' and for the general development of the school. The computer literacy program has been reaching out to the neighborhood villages too, where the beneficiaries are not regular students at the school.

  4. Tm. Linda Archibald & Tr. Mason Byles, USA : Making significant ongoing contributions to the school development, students scholarships and intercultural enrichment programs such as Stanford Nanbarhal. Keenly interested in the development of school and rural education in general, and actively contributes to resource development programmes.

  5. Tr. Manjakkudi S Jayaraman, Chennai: A management consultant by profession. Provided completely voluntary service to help coach the managment and staff at the early stages of development. Mentored the development and articulation of a shared vision for the trust/school, which eventually lead to the formulation of the 'Operational Shared Vision' of our schools. Conducted several workshops to help shape the teaching and working enviornment and culture.

  6. Tm.Dr. Mallika & Tr.Mani Rajendran, USA: A patron of AGN Community Radio Station, scholarship awards, and sponsored the project to construct a compound wall at Manjakkalpatti Government Elementary School.


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