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The GIFT Foundation: Trustees

  • Ayee Goundan, PhD, Managing trustee: Completed his engineering education at India and USA. After over 30 years of professional experience with Jet Propulsion Laboratory, General Electric and Hewlett-Packard, Selectica and with Atheros Communications, his primary focus now is the development of GIFT institutions. Believes quality education is fundamental to the development of rural areas.

  • Saraswathi A Goundan, Trustee: Completed education in India and USA in Biology. Keen promoter of education and learning in rural areas.

  • Kasi Goundan (USA), Trustee: Retired Project Engineer from General Motors Corporation. Living in USA for over four decades. Tries not to forget those he grew up with and left behind in India. Supporter of Health and Educational projects in Tamil Nadu. Director, Kovai Medical Center & Hospital Ltd., Coimbatore.

  • Subramaniam A, Trustee: An industrialist by profession. A staunch supporter of rural education.

  • R. Chellappan, Trustee: An industrialist and pioneer in the field of power electronics, Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS) and Solar Power. Deeply committed to the development of industry oriented education in rural areas.

  • Poorani Goundan, MD, Trustee: A medical professional by training and living in the USA. Particularly interested in using innovative methods and tools to help form the primary education a strong foundation.

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