Course of Studies

APPU ARIVAALAYEM is a co-educational and CBSE based school. The course of study for JKG to grade-8 is based on the CBSE prescribed CCE based syllabus.Grade-9 & 10 are based on NCERT syllabus. Main subjects are English-Tamil-Hindi-Math-Science-Social studies.Environmental science, Computer, Arts & Craft, General knowledge, Work Education, Life Skills & Physical Education are also compulsary.

Scholastic Areas

There will be two terms for all the classes. The First Term will be from April-September and the Second Term from October-March of the subsquent year. Each term will have two Formative and one Summative assessment. Assessment will be indicated in Grades. The Grading Scale for the scholastic areas is a nine point grading scale. Overall grade of Formative Assessment over the two terms(FA1+FA2+FA3+FA4)and the overall grade of summative assessment(SA1+SA2)will be taken into account. The CGPA (Cumulative Grade Point Average)will be provided including/excluding 6th subject as per scheme of studies of CBSE.

Co-Scholastic Areas

Life Skills, Work Education, Visual and Performing Arts, Attitudes and Values are concern to the Co-Scholastic Areas, where students are assessed in a Five point Grading Scale


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